I always wanted to write a travel blog. Well, not "always". Because I was around before blogs were invented. When I was your age, I had to walk two miles in the snow to send a postcard. But actually I would prefer not to walk, or drive, or fly...I like public transit. Thus ends the short introduction to my travel blog.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

California Amtrak

California Amtrak trains are nicer than Amtrak trains anywhere else in the USA, except for the Acela high speed train on the northeast corridor and the Talgos in the northwest. California trains are newer and cleaner than their counterparts elsewhere in the Amtrak system. The main reason is that California trains are a joint venture of Amtrak and the State of California Department of Transportation (CalTrans).

Compared with other Amtrak trains, the California trains have a smaller seat pitch so they can get more passengers in each car. The cars are all bi-level, like the Amtrak Superliners, but have 2 doors per car for faster boarding. The lower levels are reserved for people who have difficulty climbing stairs. Most of the restrooms are found on the lower levels.

One car is a cafe car. Seating is all on the upper level. These Califonria cafe cars seem a little cleaner and more elegant than other Amtrak cafes. The menu is distinct to California Amtrak too.

Three of the top five Amtrak corridors are in California: Pacific Surfliner, Capitol Corridor and San Joaquins. The Capitol Corridor and San Joaquins serve the San Francisco Bay Area. The Capitol Corridor is so named because it serves Sacramento, Ca, the state capitol. The San Joaquins travel through the central valley to Bakersfield, where connecting bus service takes passengers to L.A. and beyond.

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